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CROP’s is a story….with a lot of flavor.

Crop was created in 1982 by Ricardo Angel Gómez Sáez, our President, (with an intense experience in the most important multinationals in the sector), founding member and Honorary President of AEFAA (Spanish Association of Food Flavour Manufacturers), President of the same for 16 years, and member of the Executive Committee of EFFA (European Food Flavour Association), representing Spain.

Crop is dedicated to the production of FLAVOURS for the Food Industry; extracted directly from Nature or created following the desires and trends of the industry.

The innovative and creative capacity of CROP and its international experience allow us to face the continuous requirements of new trends in food products, both in the reduction of undesirable ingredients (fats, sugars, salt, etc.) and in the incorporation of ingredients with functional properties for a more balanced and healthy diet. All of this requires a continuous creative effort to obtain better flavours following the new trends.

“We take the elements of nature as our origin and transform them into ideas and solutions.”

Ricardo Ángel Gómez Sáez

Founder of Crop Ibérica

Today, after almost 40 years, CROP is considered one of the leading companies in the creation and manufacture of FLAVOURS, highly qualified to provide “Flavoured Solutions” to the Food and Beverage Industries due to its “Responsiveness”.

This would not have been possible without the trust and collaboration of our national and international clients, to whom we wish to express our deepest gratitude.


The effort to be creative, respectful of the environment and to give value to our contribution to responsible development.
Since its foundation, CROP Ibérica has maintained the challenge of providing products with added value for our clients and healthy for the consumer. Our commitment is based on providing the ideal product that fully satisfies and conveys absolute reliability in terms of development, use and current international standards like IFS.

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